Bank Account

Most banks will open your account for free, but with some conditions (e.g. you would have to spend a certain amount monthly to pay with your card at stores, or receive an indicated sum on your account every month). Make sure that your bank provides convenient Internet banking with services available in English. This is a useful tool to carry out payments, open additional accounts, transfer amounts between your existing accounts etc.

Some of the popular banks you might consider to choose:

How to open a bank account?

The requirements for opening a bank account might be different for different banks, but in most cases you will be asked to present the following documents:

  1. For non-EU citizens:
    1. a valid ID card or passport,
    2. proof of residence in Poland (residence card or visa),
    3. proof of address in Poland (if you stay at IBB hotel, it’s a confirmation of your address there, in other cases: rental agreement, statement from the City Hall or tax office),
    4. employment contract (if you are an employee) or stipend/grant agreement (if you are a student),
    5. student ID (in case you are a student),
    6. confirmation of PESEL number.
  2. For EU citizens:
    1. ID card or passport
    2. statement confirming your address in Poland and the base of your stay.

It is convenient to book your appointment in advance.

Note: You’ll need to declare in which country you’ll be a resident for tax purposes. For online bank services you’ll also need to provide your phone number – it is recommended to get polish sim card first.