112 General emergency number
999 Ambulance
998 Fire Brigade
997 Police
994 Emergency Water and Sewerage Service
993 Emergency Heating Service
992 Emergency Gas Service
991 Emergency Energy Services
986 Municipal Guard
981 Roadside assistance
985 Mountain Rescue Service
800 777 770 Hotline – Hospital Emergency Services
800 200 300 Hotline – Foreign Tourists’ Safety

If you’re calling the emergency number 112, explain calmly and clearly:

  • What happened
  • Whether there are any victims – if yes,then report the number and their conditions – are they still breathing, are they conscious, what kind of injuries they have
  • Specify the location – if you don’t know the address, describe the distinctive features, landscape elements etc. Give other important information about the incident
  • Identify yourself – give your name and the phone number you are calling from.

Remember! Do not hang up first, the dispatcher always hangs up first!