Diwali – Indian Festival of Lights at IBB

  Last week, IBB PAS hosted a very special celebration of Diwali, the traditional Indian festival of lights. It was organized by our growing Indian community with the support of the IBB Welcome Center. From the traditional decorations to the vibrant cultural performances and dances, every moment was filled with warmth and a truly home-like (…)

„Cuisines of the world” culinary integration workshops

On the 11th of May our IBB community met at the Culinary Institute in Warsaw for the culinary integration workshops. Under the guidance of professional chefs, we prepared various dishes from Polish, Indian and Mexican cuisines. The meeting ended with a tasting of the prepared delicacies. It was a great opportunity to learn about different (…)

Intercultural integration workshops

As part of the Welcome to IBB project, funded by the National Agency for Academic Exchange, we have launched a series of intercultural integration workshops for our staff and doctoral students. The aim of the workshops is to learn about and better understandcultural differences, share experiences and learn about tools that facilitate adaptation and integration (…)

Join us

Don’t wait, join us to push the boundaries of knowledge. (…)


The Board of Directors of the Institute, together with the Chairman of the Scientific Council, invite all employees, doctoral students and students of IBB PAS to „IBB DAY”, which will be held on October 11, 2022. (…)