The national currency of Poland is the Polish zloty (symbol: zł) which is divided into 100 groszy (symbol: gr). The currency code for zloty is PLN. Currently there are nine denominations of coins in circulation (1 gr, 2 gr, 5 gr, 10 gr, 20 gr, 50 gr, 1 zł, 2 zł, 5 zł) and six denominations of banknotes (10 zł, 20 zł, 50 zł, 100 zł, 200 zł and 500 zł).

Currency exchange

You can exchange money anywhere in Poland, in big cities and small towns. You can use an ATM machine, visit a bank or a currency exchange counter in town (KANTOR).

It is not recommended to exchange money at the airport, as the rates are unfavorable there.

Banks in larger cities are usually open from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays and until 1 pm on Saturdays.

Kantors are usually open from 9 am to 7 pm weekdays and until 2 pm on Saturdays. 24-hour services are usually available in larger major tourist centers such as train stations, border crossings and airports.

One of the options near IBB is Kantor Cris at 42 Grójecka Street (open 24h):