Health Insurance

The main institution responsible for public medical services in Poland is National Health Fund (pl. Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia; NFZ). While you are insured in the National Health Fund you can use state-funded healthcare services which are mostly free-of-charge, with rare exceptions for example in case of some of dentistry services.

Public health insurance for employers

As a general rule, employees hired in Poland on the basis of an employment contract (pl. umowa o pracę) and free-for-task contract (pl. umowa zlecenia), regardless of their nationality, are subject to compulsory health insurance. This means that the monthly insurance contributions are paid every month from your salary to ZUS – Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych (en. Social Security Authority). The IBB takes care of your enrollment at the start of your employment and monthly contributions to ZUS. Once you are enrolled you get an access to healthcare services available through National Health Fund (NFZ).

Public health insurance for doctoral students

All PhD candidates in Poland, regardless of nationality, are subject to the health insurance to be covered by the higher education institution unless they are insured on another basis, for instance as employees or family members.

This means that the doctoral candidates have access the public healthcare services free-of-charge.

The IBB takes care of your enrollment and monthly contributions. Once you are enrolled you get an access to healthcare services available through National Health Fund (NFZ).

Private insurance programme for IBB workers and students

Additionally, you may join the private insurance programme which is available for IBB students and workers – PZU. If you are interested, for more information please contact our payroll department.

General practice doctor

General practice doctors (family doctors) are the doctors whom you can visit in case of any health problems. They can give a referral for a specialists’ consultation and for primary medical tests. They can make treatment plans for basic healthcare problems and prescribe non-specialized medication.

How to access general practice doctor?

First of all you should choose the clinic (pl. przychodnia) where you will be using basic healthcare services. In order to do that you should sign the declaration and then choose your personal GP doctor. You can fill out the declaration in person at the clinic you choose or online via Patient’s Internet Account (pl. Internetowe Konto Pacjenta, IKP). The second option requires a trusted profile (pl. profil zaufany).

It’s convenient to choose clinic which is close to the place of your accommodation and to make sure that the GP doctor that you choose speaks English.

Medical services at night and holiday

Using medical services at night and holiday departments does not require appointments. If you need a medical service at night or during weekend/holiday, you can find the nearest or a specific night and holiday department, come over there and act according to the staff’s instructions.

The nearest medical center which offers services of night and holiday healthcare (from IBB) is SZPITALNA IZBA PRZYJĘĆ at the hospital Szpital Banacha, which is located 5 min walking from IBB (address: ul. Banacha 1 a, Blok D, ground floor). You should have your ID with you (passport or residence card) and confirmation of PESEL number. In case you don’t have the PESEL number, your passport will be also accepted.

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